Spanish Non Resident Income Tax


Don’t leave it until the last day!

Until 29th of December 2017 you can still pay your Spanish non resident income tax 2016  on the property(s) you own in


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Administraciones Azahara have a team of specialists that ensure you get the best from your Tax returns. 

No one likes to pay too much tax or unnecessary tax, with our specialist knowledge we can ensure that your interests are protected.

We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and have always ensured our clients only pay the minimum that is due.

The last thing anyone wants when purchasing a property in Spain for investment or as a Holiday Home is to fall foul of the Spanish Tax Authority.

With our efficient service we take the hassle out of the admin side of maintaining your property in Spain.  

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Late for your Spanish Non Resident income tax Assessment?

Then act now!

If you have forgotten to present your assessment you need to act now and get someone like us to sort it for you.

Otherwise you will incur a 5 % surcharge, and this can go up to 20 % , there could also be additional fines and legal interest to be paid.

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Annual Road Tax in Spain

If you are the owner of a vehicle , i.e. car , motorbike, motorcycle, caravans, vans etc.   registered in Spain.

You must pay annually  your road tax known in Spain as Impuesto Sobre Vehículos de Tracción Mecánica or IVTM.Spanish Non Resident income tax

The tax paid depends on the vehicle, fuel type and municipality where it is registered.

This tax should be paid between the beginning of March and May of each year but  this varies from one region to another.

You can contact the town hall office for more information.

We always advise that  when arranging the first payment you set up a direct debit for  the payment so you don’t have to worry about this item annually. 

 Normally no notifications are issued or sent to the taxpayer unless applied for by the vehicle owner.

So if you have no direct debit set up and do not pay this  you can find yourself at  some stage with an outstanding debt for road tax for many years.

As per normal with any debt interest is added so resulting in a  much higher amount than if paid  on time.