Spanish resident income tax assessment 2012 .

Payment still possible only 5 % surcharge.

Until 31st of March 2014 you can still pay your non resident 2012 income tax assessment for the use of the own property with only a 5% surcharge on the tax due.

Our welcome package is still available.

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    ANNUAL ROAD TAX in Spain

    Payment due shortly.

  • If you are the owner of a vehicle you must pay your road tax between the beginning of March and May of each year.
    The tax to be paid depends on the vehicle, fuel type and municipality in which it is registered. You can contact the town hall office for more information .
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    Immediate Reaction Required.

  • If you have omitted to present the assessment you need to react and pay income tax with only a 5 % surcharge, otherwise surcharges can go up to 20 % and there could be additional fines and legal interest to be paid.
    Please look at our welcome package. We will maintain our fees.

    INCOME TAX REQUEST 2010/2011

    The Spanish tax office is remitting out letters to non residents owners of property in Spain, requesting that they justify in the term of 10 days the presentation of income tax assessments for the years 2010/2011.

    If you have received such letter and not presented any tax assessments in the past please contact us by return and we can assist you to regularise the situation.